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College Republicans


The mission of the College Republican National Committee (CRNC) is to recruit, train, mobilize, and engage college-aged students in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to win the battle of ideas and elections.

The CRNC serves as a voice for conservative students across the country, and provides them with the training and resources they need to succeed in winning future generations to the cause of the Republican Party and conservative movement.


Founded in 1892 by James Francis Burke, the CRNC is an independent political committee, with over 250,000 members on more than 1,500 campuses nationwide. The CRNC has a nationally elected chairman and officers who lead the organization, as well as support staff operating out of the national headquarters in Washington, D.C. Each state maintains its own federation with a state chairman and a leadership committee who work directly with the National Committee.

Every year, College Republicans from all across America join together to help elect Republican candidates, support the Republican agenda, and become the future leaders of the conservative movement. Our efforts—whether disseminating campaign literature, canvassing neighborhoods, placing lawn signs, or calling voters—make the difference in Republican victories and drive our party forward.

Today the CRNC is on the move. We are the “unions of the right” and the fastest growing sector of Republican Party activists. For over 120 years, we have fought hard for Republican candidates. You are a part of that tradition. With your help, the next 120 years will be even better.