Section IV




  1. Time and Place of Convention: A state convention shall be held every even-numbered year.  The time and place of holding the convention shall be determined by the State Central Committee.  The state chairman shall notify the secretary of state at least fifteen business days previous to the date so chosen.  The state secretary of the State Central Committee shall issue the call for the convention, which shall be sent to each county chairman.


  1. Delegates:

A. County Delegation: The delegates to the state convention shall consist of the following from each county:

    1. The county chairman, county vice chairman, county secretary, county treasurer, state committeeman and state committeewoman;
    2. Not to exceed three at-large delegates elected in the primary election preceding the convention, who need not be members of their County Central Committee but must be registered Republican voters in their county; and
    3. Each precinct committeeman and precinct committeewoman.

B.  Pre-Primary Canvass: It is each county chairman’s responsibility to canvas all potential delegates in his/her county and report the name, address, telephone number and method of qualification (unopposed precinct committeeman/ woman, unopposed at large delegate, county chairman, county vice chairman, county secretary, county treasurer, state committeeman, state committeewoman) for each person planning to attend the state convention.  The list shall also include the name, address and telephone number of any at-large delegate candidates or candidates for precinct committeeman or precinct committeewoman who will appear on the primary election ballot.  The list will be forwarded to the State Central Committee at least 45 days prior to the opening date of the state convention.  The failure of a delegate to be included in the canvass shall not prevent that delegate from attending or voting at the convention.

C.  Post-Primary Canvass: Within three days after the primary election, each county chairman shall certify to the State Central Committee the winner of any contested election for at-large delegates or precinct committeeman or precinct committeewoman.  If a recount occurs, the certification shall be sent within three days of the completion of the recount.  The county chairman shall not wait for an official canvass of the votes.

D.  Organization: The county chairman and county vice chairman shall serve as the chairman and vice chairman of the delegation from their county.  If neither of them is present at the convention, the delegates from the county shall caucus and choose from their membership a chairman and vice chairman of the delegation.  The vice chairman of the delegation shall serve as the chairman in the absence of the chairman.


  1. Voting:

A.  Proportional Representation: For all nominations, elections, and roll call votes, each delegate shall vote the number of votes equal to his or her proportionate representation as to all delegates present from that county bears to the number of votes cast in his or her county at the last gubernatorial election for the Republican candidate for governor.  For all other votes, each delegate shall have one vote.

B.  Roll Call: Roll call votes shall be a call of the counties.  Whenever a roll call vote is required at the convention it shall be the responsibility of the delegation chairman to survey the delegation and announce the total vote for the county when said county is called.  A roll call vote shall be taken when required by the convention rules or at any time at the discretion of the convention chairman.  The convention rules may not require the support of more than 40% of the delegates present to pass a motion for a roll call vote.


  1. Convention Organization:

A.  Convention Officers: The state chairman or his or her designee shall call the convention to order and preside until the election of the temporary chairman.  Before conducting any business, the convention shall elect a temporary chairman and temporary secretary, who shall take office immediately upon their respective elections.  After the adoption of the reports from the credentials committee and the rules committee, the convention shall elect a permanent chairman and a permanent secretary.  The convention chairman may appoint such other officers as he or she may deem necessary.

B.  Quorum: A quorum shall consist of delegates carrying a majority of the votes cast in the last general election for the Republican candidate for governor.

C.  Committees: Prior to the state convention, the state chairman shall designate the members of the platform committee, rules committee, resolutions committee, and credentials committee.  The platform committee shall conduct hearings around the state prior to the state convention.  The convention chairman shall appoint any other convention committees.

D.  Rules of Order: The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the convention in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any rules of order the convention may adopt.

  1. Business: The state convention shall complete all responsibilities assigned by state law or by the provisions of these bylaws.


  1. 2020 Convention: The following rules shall apply only to the 2020 state convention:

A.  The State Central Committee may allow the convention to be held electronically. It may specify that delegates may only participate electronically or may allow delegates to participate in person or electronically.

B.  The convention rules committee may adopt temporary rules of order that govern the convention prior to the adoption of the report of the rules committee.

C.  The convention may adopt rules of order governing electronic participation in the convention.

D.  Any convention rules of order or temporary rules of order regarding the process of a roll call vote shall supersede Section IV.3.B. of these bylaws.

E.  If the convention is held electronically, there will be no platform committee. The convention may not consider any changes to the party platform in 2020.

F.  If the convention is held electronically, any proposed resolutions must be submitted to the state chairman by June 5, 2020, and for any resolution to be considered by the convention, it must be approved by a 2/3 vote of the committee. The resolutions committee must complete its report by June 15, 2020.

G.  No person may be nominated for public office or for national committeewoman or national committeeman unless that person gave written notice of his or her intention to run for the office to the state chairman by June 15, 2020. If no candidate receives a majority of the votes on the first ballot, the convention by majority vote may open nominations for individuals who did not give prior written notice.