Section V



  1. General Provisions: If a vacancy occurs by reason of death or withdrawal after a primary election, a party candidate for public office may be replaced by a new nominee if a meeting of the appropriate party central committee is held and the results are certified to the appropriate official within the times prescribed by SDCL 12-8-6.


  1. Presidential Elector or Statewide Office:

A. Appropriate Committee: The State Central Committee shall fill vacancies for party candidates for presidential elector or statewide office.

B  Call: The state chairman shall, upon learning of such vacancy, forthwith issue a call by mail or email for a State Central Committee meeting to fill such vacancy, and designate the hour, date, and place where such meeting shall be held.

C. Voting: At a meeting of the State Central Committee for this purpose, the state chairman, state vice chairman, state secretary, state treasurer, national committeeman, national committeewoman, and the statewide chairman of each of the auxiliaries recognized in Section VII.2. shall not have a vote.  Voting shall be by unit representation, each county casting the number of votes cast in that county at the last general election for the Republican candidate for governor.

D.  Proxies and Attendance: No proxies are permitted at a meeting called for this purpose.  No member is allowed to attend or vote by telephone teleconference or other electronic means unless the meeting is held electronically.

E.  Quorum: A quorum for a meeting called for this purpose shall consist of representation from counties carrying a majority of the votes cast in the last general election for the Republican candidate for governor.

F.  Congressional Vacancies: The above provisions shall also apply to a meeting called to nominate a candidate for a special election to fill congressional vacancies pursuant to SDCL chapter 12-11.


  1. Other Public Offices: If the vacancy is a party candidate for public office other than presidential elector or statewide office, the vacancy shall be filled by a majority vote of County Central Committee members in attendance who reside in the affected district.  In multi-county legislative districts, the call for a meeting shall be issued by the state chairman, who shall notify all interested County Central Committee members of the hour, date, and place where such meeting shall be held.  In a single-county district, the call shall be issued by the county chairman upon learning of the vacancy.  Any such meeting may be held electronically.


  1. Certification Deadline: SDCL 12-8-6 requires that vacancies be filled and proper certification filed with the secretary of state/county auditor no later than the second Tuesday in August at 5 p.m. or mailed by registered mail by that date and time prior to the election.