SD Republican Party Vice-Chair, Lawrence County Chair

Mary Fitzgerald

About Vice-Chair Fitzgerald

Vice Chairman Mary Fitzgerad is a sixth-generation South Dakotan, born and raised in Vermillion, South Dakota. Growing up farming and ranching, she learned the importance of protecting our way of life and working hard every day. After moving to the Black Hills with her husband, John, she finished her bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Business Administration from Black Hills State University. After graduating worked daily with the CEO of one of Western South Dakota’s fastest-growing and most profitable entrepreneurial companies. With this experience she is well-versed in the critical issues facing small business in South Dakota.  

Mary has been involved with the Republican Party for over 25 years, starting at the Lawrence County Republican Party. In 2020, Mary was elected to the South Dakota State Legislator. During her first term as a legislator she was a member of the Joint Appropriations Committee. 

On January 14, 2023, Mary  was elected as the Vice Chairman of the South Dakota Republican Party.