South Dakota Republican Party Chairman Dan Lederman files campaign finance complaint against Smith for Governor

UNION COUNTY – Today, South Dakota Republican Party Chairman Dan Lederman filed a complaint with the South Dakota Secretary of State against Jamie Smith’s campaign. The complaint is regarding Smith for Governor’s more than 1,500 campaign finance violations in the Pre-General report last night. Smith for Governor failed to include the addresses, cities, and states of donors in each of these 1,500 instances.

“Each omission is a plain violation of basic, long standing, and well-settled campaign finance requirements, and each is a criminal act,” Chairman Lederman states in his complaint. “Given the importance of guaranteeing integrity in our constitutional election process, we are requesting immediate relief.

Last night, the Kristi for Governor campaign called for an immediate investigation into Jamie Smith’s campaign finance violations.

The complaint calls for two remedies from the South Dakota Secretary of State’s office:

  • Commence a contested case pursuant to chapter 1-26 against Smith for Governor; and
  • Refer the complaint to the Division of Criminal Investigation for an investigation pursuant to chapter 23-3.



Attachment:   Full Affidavit – Lederman Affidavit regarding Smith Campaign Violations