South Dakota Republican Party Statement on the passing of Governor Frank Farrar

Former South Dakota Governor Frank Farrar passed away this morning at the age of 92. Farrar still remains the youngest Attorney General elected in South Dakota State History, and served as Governor of the State of South Dakota from 1969 – 1971.

South Dakota Republican Party Chairman Dan Lederman made the following statement upon the occasion of Governor Farrar’s passing:

“It’s hard to memorialize and quantify the incredible life of someone like Governor Frank Farrar.  He rose to become State Attorney General, and the 24th South Dakota Governor at a young age, but more so than politics, we should remember him for his ability to reinvent himself.” 

“After losing the race for Governor in 1970, Governor Farrar became a successful business leader in the banking community, with nearly 50 banks reaching across ten states, from South Dakota down to Texas, and from Nevada to Illinois.” 

“When faced with terminal cancer at an age when most people would retire, Frank reinvented himself as a triathlete competitor in Iron Man competitions, running in punishing heat and swimming in the Hawaiian surf at age 73.”

“Frank Farrar epitomizes the spirit of our state; when facing adversity, he dug in, tried again, and showed the world the indomitable spirit that all South Dakotans share. 

“Our prayers go to his family at his passing, and our pride is for the example his life provided for all of us.”