South Dakota Republican Party Chairman Dan Lederman 
Statement on Violence in US Capitol

In response to the violent protests at the US Capitol this afternoon, South Dakota Republican Party Chairman Dan Lederman issued the following statement:

“Like most South Dakotans, I am shocked and saddened by the violence committed by those smashing windows and breaking into the US Capitol and Congressional buildings. This is a day which will live in all of our minds as a shameful and unacceptable moment which all of us need to condemn.”

“Our American heritage is one of protest and civil action. But when it devolves into violence, looting and property damage it is not an example of citizens taking the high road. It is shameful thuggery. It doesn’t matter whether the protests are at the US Capitol, in our city streets, at the Empire Mall, on the road to Mount Rushmore, or the route of a pipeline. This needs to stop.”

“While we can’t do anything from afar except express how repugnant we find it, at home we can vow to strengthen our laws against those who would commit violent acts in protest and make us unsafe in our homes, as well as to encourage lawmakers to give police the tools to combat it. “