In the special session today, South Dakota Senate Democrats have apparently banded together to punish seniors and small businesses, as Democrats have block-voted against funding long term care, non-profits and small businesses included as part of a spending resolution in front of the South Dakota State Senate this afternoon.

As noted by Governor Noem as part of her speech to the legislature, “In order to comply with the law, these funds must be used in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes many costs incurred by the state, by cities and counties, and by education institutions. We can also use the funds to help private entities if they can show they were negatively impacted by COVID.”

By their act of rejecting of Senate Concurrent Resolution 601 which was presented to the Senate this afternoon, State Republican Party Chair Dan Lederman noted that in effect, “Democrats are taking their ball and going home after being denied frivolous spending requests in budget process,” as they’ve rejected “$115 million in Long Term Care Grants, $400 million in Small Business Grants, and $40 million in non-profit grants to help these entities get through the COVID crisis.”

After the measure passed the Senate without any help from state Democrats, the measure passes on to the House. 

“We can only hope that House Democrats might be willing to provide relief for South Dakotans, but given the Senate’s performance, I wouldn’t advise anyone hold their breath,” Lederman said.